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Google’s new Wifi Router is perfect for anyone living in a decently sized apartment. Google’s aim is to completely blanket your home with a Wi-Fi signal, and they have taking steps to achieve this by branching out into the business of crafting routers. To be clear, this isn’t the company’s first foray into the internet arena. They used to produce the software for TP-Link and Asus’ Onhub routers. Eventually, they decided that they could serve their clients better by pairing their software with their own Wi-Fi routers. Google introduce new wifi systems with list price: $129, but you can save up to 20$ when buy it now via using new Google Wifi Coupon, Promotion Code and get free shipping. New code be updated daily and shared free. See more reviews below

Google Wifi Coupon, Promo Code in October

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New Google Wifi Promo Code & Reviews

Many of the Google Wifi reviews have commended the system for optimizing internet connections. Wi-Fi enabled devices are able to automatically connect to the closest unit and on the best possible channel at that moment. In other words, you need not worry about the connection and signal strength failing while you move around your house, some of those most notable elements you can expect to encounter from Google Wi-Fi including the following:

New Google Wifi System Coupon Code


Google always succeeds by taking difficult concepts and simplifying them, and according to Google Wifi reviews, that is what they have done here. Their design is very simple, with the router being a white circular plastic object with a silver stripe in the middle. Forget about antennas and buttons.

The Google Wi-Fi router is as simple as they get, seamless connectivity availed within a minimalistic white puck. Some people have raised concerns about troubleshooting options. Google has yet to answer those concerns, though, or additional questions like where all the cables and power output are supposed to connect on the simple, seamless white puck.

 Set Up

As many Google Wifi Reviews have endeavored to point out, it doesn’t take much time and effort to set up this router. If you can position it accurately, it will cover all the nooks and crannies of your home, regardless of how far off they are.


The router constitutes Smart Network Assist Technology that is supposed to optimize your connection’s speed and the strength of your signal. This ensures a satisfactory browsing experience regardless of the configuration of your home. 


The new Google Wi-Fi Router promises its users complete control over the device, ensuring that they can accurately manage their internet usage. The Google Router is accompanied by an app (compatible with iOS and Android) that allows users to determine how many of their routers are active at any given moment.

As an administrator, you can connect and disconnect your router and its connections as you wish, cutting people and their devices off whenever the need arises. Google wants to give users the power to accurately manage their internet connections.



The one thing Google Wi-Fi can promise here is speed. Even the least expensive of their routers should be more than adequate for streaming 4K videos. If you are willing to spend money, Google can avail even faster speeds for those internet crazy individuals. 

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The Google Wi-FI Router will be available for $129. If it is as impressive as Google says, then that is a decent price tag for seamless and reliable internet connectivity.

Buy Google Wifi system

Google’s new Wi-Fi router doesn’t look like a router. The white puck can inconspicuously sit anywhere without arousing much suspicion. The Device promises simplicity, affordability, speed and reliable internet connectivity, which is what everyone wants these days. There are several retailers offering Google Wifi for your choice such as Google store, Walmart, BestBuy, and Amazon. We always suggest our customer buy it on because of the price as well as their services. You can get free two days shipping via sign up free trial 30 days amazon prime (see more here). Don’t forget clip Google Wifi Coupon, Promo code to save more. If you need more support about this product or the code, contact us here. We always hope you can get best deals and satisfied with new Google Wifi system.